Parametrise collections

NFT Projects on Parametrise

Parametrise collections are digital items you can truly own. Here, you could find our existing and recently minted collections and also, be the first to know about our upcoming collections!


Abstract Collection


Limited number of collectible cyber boxes with proof of ownership stored on the blockchain.

Gamal Abdel Nasser

Free-Form Collection


The first Collectible 3D voxel character NFTs of politicians with a unique trading value.


Free-Form Collection


Our joint partnership with SoLTones to generate a very limited NFT collections (only 125 editions!) using our proprietary algorithm applied to SoLTones artworks.

Cyber Samurai #1507_Cropped

Free-Form Collection


Our joint partnership with Cyber Samurai to generate a very limited NFT collections (only 150 editions!) using our own Parametrise algorithm.


Free-Form Collection


a collection of many mini collections which will be gifted to OG Solana people & projects. What is done with them after is up to them.

Numbers 01

Prime Collection


Part of our Prime Collections. First of its kind and the core elements for our upcoming parametric on-chain collections.

Cube 01

Abstract  Collection


Modular collectible NFTs designed by Motion, Depth, Light, Scale and Material with proof of ownership stored on blockchain.