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What is Parametrise?

Founded by esan, Parametrise is the home for our professional and experimental projects.

Parametrise is a team of artists, architects and designers who are eager to explore the possibilities of creating artwork with innovative digital toolsets. We use parametric and generative design approaches to create contemporary artwork, eliminating the boundaries that are set for regular design and architectural work. The result is the NFT artwork that brings us even more excitement by it’s surprising composition of parameters and sometimes rare and eye-catching assemblies.

Our creative technologists and designers have worked on almost every kind of design and architectural projects. Examples include real-world architectural buildings, developing parametric processes for Medical Planning , automating rendering  process using Python, designing virtual art galleries to showcase  masterpieces from well-known artists (Eloy Morales, James Anderson and Tim Jones), designing set dressing for enterprise game applications and scientific simulations, and building asset libraries to be used in real-time applications like Unreal Engine And Unity.

We’ve also been lucky enough to have long lasting client relationships with some of the best artists in the world like Eloy Morales and James Anderson. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done with them, some of which you might have seen already!