Parametrise + SolTones

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Sale started Wednesday Oct 7th, 2 pm EST

A collection of 125 unique NFTs made in collaboration with SolTones

Basically, there is nowhere else in the Metaverse where you’ll be able to find someone who can create a ToneBox for you


  • Only 125 Editions!
  • Parametrised well-know artworks like Mona Lisa, Starry Night and more!

This parametric project portrays famous & well-known artworks, from the Mona Lisa, to Starry Night, and other classic paintings. To create each piece, we ran the original painting through the SolTone algorithm, then took the result from that and ran it through our own Parametrise algorithm.

we are all about the community

Through this collaboration we hope to highlight the importance of working together, choosing partners who have a solid vision for the future, and merging communities - thank you to everyone at SolTones, this was a pleasure.

Details on the Discord Server



To join the giveaway, login to the Gleam portal above with your Twitter account. From there, you’ll see a list of tasks you can do to gain entries to the giveaway. More entries means more chances to win the draw!

Tasks are:

– Follow @Parametrise_NFT on Twitter

– Follow @Solanatones on Twitter

– Retweet @Solanatones on Twitter

– Retweet @Parametrise_NFT on Twitter

– Tweet on Twitter

– Join Parametrise Discord Server

– Join SolTones Discord Server

– Share the campaign with friends