TensorBox NFT Collection​

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Sale starts Saturday Oct 30th, 2 pm EST

A unique collection of 1000 abstract NFT arts

Don’t miss out on our latest collection, the TensorBox!

Meet TensorBox, an impossibly addictive NFT collectible. Artistic compositions of mathematical tensors, colors, materials and light. Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s abstract art movement. 


  • Only 1000 Editions!
  • Image-based AI algorithm build by Parametrise team
  • Algorithm is always learning & is now smart enough to take in a photo and output a TensorBox that pulls the colors & mood from the photo

This will also be a stealth launch: Parametrise Community Members who are whitelisted will receive the mint link before the public does!

we are all about the community

Every PolitiBox holder will receive a 1:1 TensorBox airdrop on launch day. Along with PolitiBox, ToneBox & DojoBox holders, TensorBox holders will have access to the Parametrise DAO!

Details on the Discord Server


To join the giveaway, login to the Gleam portal above with your Twitter account. From there, you’ll see a list of tasks you can do to gain entries to the giveaway. More entries means more chances to win the draw!

Tasks are:

– Follow @Parametrise_NFT on Twitter

– Retweet @Parametrise_NFT on Twitter

– Tweet on Twitter

– Join Parametrise Discord Server

– Join Prelaunch waiting list

– Share the campaign with friends