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Parametrise Roadmap

Step 1: Project Launch

  • Releasing the PolitiBox collection (only 100 unique NFT artworks)
  • Releasing the TensorBox collection (capped at 1000 unique NFT artworks)

Step 2: Partnership

  • Partnering with Virtual Art Museum projects to exclusively showcase Parametrise NFTs
  • Partnering with DeFi lending platforms

Step 3: Project Expansion

  • Introducing Game Asset NFTs (for Minecraft, SandBox, Decentraland, and alike)
  • Launching Educational NFT collections

Step 4: Community

  • Implementing Governance & Voting system for listing Parametrise NFT collections
  • Unleashing the HODLERs’ airdrop: airdropping portion of the future NFT packages to existing Parametrise NFT holders

Step 5: Marketplace

  • Introducing a No-Fee NFT Marketplace for Parametrise and its exclusive partners
  • Partnering with well-known artists and listing their NFT on the platform
  • Developing a robust auction system built on Solana Chains using Descending Clock Auction

Step 6: Financial

  • Purchasing land and creating galleries in Decentraland, SandBox and upcoming Metaverse projects
  • Creating Parametrise Treasury by purchasing or HODLing 5% of our NFTs
  • Profit sharing with NFT holders (from NFT earnings and Marketplace profits)
  • Introducing staking plans
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