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A collection of 100 parametric and code-generated NFTs of politicians and world leaders


The first Collectible 3D voxel character NFTs of politicians with a unique trading value


An amusing parametric project that depicts well-known politicians and world leaders in voxels. For creation of each piece  the facial characteristic of a politician was translated into parameters of voxel size, depth and direction. The result is a limited collection of 100 PolitiBoxes with unique characteristics that has ignited a fun “guess who” game within the community. 

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  1. Whitelist members have 15 min Priority before the public sale! 
  2. Three random user from the whitelist will receive a free NFT from TensorBox collection!
  3. Whitelist members can also suggest themes for upcoming TensorBox projects

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We are celebrating our first Parametrise NFT collection, by giving away a TensorBox with each PolitiBox purchase!

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